I wanna write but I can’t.

So I’m gonna do one of those SOC posts. Watchow – this is MY mind we are talking about. You look to closely you can get lost down the rabbit hole.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Just an FYI using this as my timer:

Husband is taking a nap now. He worked last night. I hate when he works. It makes me scared – for him and myself. I get scared cause I worry about him falling asleep as he drives home and I worry because the terrorists of course now know he left me alone.

OR at least they know I’m home alone. My parents are usually home with me. Last night they weren’t. They were in NY visiting their moms. So of course my crazy was like yup – You gonna die suhckah.

Sigh. I coulda swore at least three times there was someone in the house with us. Didn’t freak out. Maybe the meds are finally working? OR maybe the meds are finally working and I can PRAY a complete and sensible prayer?

Who knows. Heh. God knows.

This is harder than I thought because I keep looking at my typos and its making stop to fix them. So I am gonna listen to this twice. Hello OCD SOC!

Sigh, being me is hard sometimes. Ha, who am I kidding. All the time.

My husband works again tonight. My parents are gone again.

Welcome all terrorists. No. Wait. Y’all are NOT welcome. I have a huge dog and it will eat you alive. Seriously that’s all we feed her – fresh men meat. Her name is knucklehead.

Ya don’t hafta believe me. Just go ahead and give it a chance. I wouldn’t if I was you.

Shes mean and PMSing – yes dogs can PMS. I swear.

Anyways. my kids are glued to the TV screen right now. They are watching Daniel Tiger. Some days I feel bad about that and we spend the day trying to do non TV things. But today I don’t think I could handle that. The evil magentas are just too much for me to handle – did I tell you we are going away too?

I hate travelling anywhere.

Not gonna say where or when cause again…..terrorists will know …..and family but hey – depending on where you come from? they could be one and the same.

Boom and I just offended a whole butt load of people – which answers the question why I rarely do a SOC post.

And for those who are really like me : SOC is a STREAM OF CONSCIENCE post. not as ground breaking as you thought right? Heh. same when I found out.

Sigh. Felt good to do that. Maybe I should do that more often. Or maybe I should just keep going. Eh, keep going.

No. I really should spend that time with my kids. We are going to be away for a coupla days and most people are going to be ignoring me….and with that I bid adieu.