Took my first dose of my new meds today. Risperidone. Feels okay….I guess. Just sleepy.

I mean I’m all zonky and truly understanding why the doctor wanted me to take this stuff right before bed and not after dinner – when I usually take the rest of my meds (bc of my thyroid meds I take before bedtime)

Can you say holy spinning room batman? Or something funny. I apparently can’t. Meds and screaming kids are keeping me from thinking of anything more cohesive than my bra is hurting me….cause it is.

Can you believe it’s 6:20 and I’m still wearing a bra? That should be unlawful.

So what was I saying?

Shoo, I still have one more dose of lorazepam to take too. Dang.

Seriously. What was I saying about all this?

—–2 hour break update—–

I remember!

We are going away this weekend. Off to see the husbands parents and see my grandmas.

My anxiety is through the roof – so I try not to think about it. We are seeing my grandmas the first day and then the second hanging with his family.

I am a wreck – tho I will admit on this medicine? I Am finding it hard to get nervous. Maybe this risperidone ain’t that bad?