Okay so ya know how that weird thing happened to me … Well obviously to me. i wouldn’t talk about other people but maybe i would. Ay. anyways, it happened Thursday? Or was it Weds? I don’t know.

The weird thing that happened the other day. Boom that works.

Well, I’ve been waiting to call the doctor. Waiting mostly cause I’m scared of what he’ll say and because he doesn’t have hours on Fridays.

So maybe it did happen on Thursday.

Anyways. What the crap am I saying?

As you can see bad anxiety day – why? A friend invited me over for a play date. For the kids … Not for me. I think. Anyways, I want to call my doctor but I hafta go see her – especially since she’s a new friend. She doesn’t understand the intricacies of the crazy.

Shoo I live with it and I don’t understand it yet.

Anyways. This whole piece of crap is to say – I don’t want to go to see my new friend – I’m an anxious mess. I don’t wanna call doctor cause he’ll either tell me I’m…..whatever he’s gonna tell me.

I just can’t deal!!