See? Not a euphemism.

After yesterday – I felt like I deserved something awesome. Enter Dalek Awesome; stage right.

I love it. It only says two things: you would make a perfect dalek and exterminate!

I love it and so do my kids. So I bought an extra one; which of course translated to one for the girl and one for the boy.


Still not sure how I lost out on that one.

So I tried calling new pdoc. They don’t have Friday hours. They are already sucking in my book and I’m officially freaking that, whatever yesterday was – will happen again when I’m alone with kids.

As I am going on faith that the doctors office will squeeze me in ASAP on Monday; I have hope.

In what…I’m not entirely sure what we are talking about. Hold on. Ha! Hope that it won’t happen again!

Man, stupid brain that thinks too fast as I type on my minuscule keyboard of a phone thing.

We went to the mall with my mom. I tried my hardest to smile, but I’m just grateful I got to laugh.

My mom is freaking hysterical. She told me something along the lines that a car costs “$1000 fifteen-hundred”.

Still not sure what that means. She makes me smile. But the emptiness is still there.

I hate that feeling. That feeling that no matter how much you laugh or fake it you are still left with that soul sucking nothingness.

The magenta-ey nothing.

I have no way to end this. Hoping tomorrow is better. Night my ninjas!