So it’s been a coupla days without twitter

It’s weird.20130805-121756.jpg

I have all this extra time.

I don’t know what to do with myself.

I actually am stretching out into life – it’s feels kinda good. I feel a peace. I feel me coming back…maybe? Well, ha. The not normal me I should say. The one that still puts on 59 coats of deodorant – but doesn’t hear voices me (Ay, which one is better?). I think I’m starting to go through twitter withdrawal though.

I keep thinking to grab my phone and tweet something funny. Then I remember – no Jessica. Twitter break means no twitter.

Sigh. It’s hard.

Can someone hold me?

Seriously though, the first day I took the kids out and I didn’t care or think about twitter. I even got back to writing my book!

I got 10 pages down suhckahs! How you like me now anxiety/bipolar/psychosis/whatever-the-crap-is-going-on-in-my-head?

How you like me now?

I feel bad though cause I miss some of those people on twitter, but I guess it’s just like my mom always said: if they’re your real friends they’ll come to you.

Or something like that.

Don’t really have an equivalent for this as twitter wasn’t around when I was a kid. Shoo, I’m older than the Internet. Dang, I tried to make that as a joke…but I really am. I was involved in the beta testing for twitter.


Anyway – I guess what I’m trying to say is; hi. I need friends. But I guess I should be going out in the real world looking for them; but I don’t wanna. The real world is scary and social anxiety sucks.

20130809-152034.jpgGood news though – I have a playdate! Man did that sound as pathetic as I think it does?

Ahem…lets try that again.

I am hanging out with a friend on Monday. Today is just me and the kids; tomorrow is more food shopping and whatever else I am ignoring today; and then Monday?

I am going out. Being human, not weird Jessica.

guess I ruined that all with that last sentence though huh?

P.S. Didya notice I stopped putting the hashtags? Yea I was getting sick of those things; made my site ugly. People come to the site – they come to the site. Who cares how they get here. I’m just talking about my awesome life anyways right? Oh wait…maybe I should be blasting my site all around.

P.S.S. Do you like my new site? I had my writing site that I just kept ignoring. Thought I should just connect the two and BOOM. How you like me now ninjas? Seriously. How do you like it?