__UPDATED I published this last night, but changed the name as I didnt want people thinking I was calling the awesome people of catalonia anything other than awesome.

I just wanted to post it
I just wanted to post it

Yeah I know I posted today already but ….

Ttttttghhhhhhbbbbbttttt. (That’s a fart noise for all you mature people. A fart noise w a hiccup to be exact.)

Who makes the rules with only one post per day allowed?

Screw em.

The kids and I stayed home. I worked pretty much the whole day and when I was able to get off the computer – my mom came home.

So it was like: “mommy, off the ‘Peter yet?” Cause apparently our computer has a name. “mommy are you done working yet?”

Then boom it was done. My site was integrated, and my writing accomplished. I was ruler of the universe.

I went to go play w kids and in plops Nana; then it was all: “mommy who?”

Gee thanks.

Then tonite something really weird happened. Hubby and I got into a big argument. I sent him a text implying that I was gonna kill myself cause he hated me….and then my whole body went limp.

Almost catatonic like. I closed my eyes and my phone dropped out of my hands while a smirk creeped across my face.

The husband came into the room yelling at me then realized I wasn’t paying him no mind. He tried getting my attention, I couldn’t move.

He tickled me I laughed but tried several times after that I didn’t.

He kept trying to drag me off the bed; as I am a big girl – I did the dead mans drag and giggle.

He attempted to strike a cord with me: Jessica, this isn’t funny anymore. You’re freaking me out. Say something. Talk to me!

I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t move or do anything but giggle. It took almost a half hour to get me to talk, can’t even tell you how long it took me to open my eyes.

What was that? Was that a semi-catatonic state? P.S. This is the third time this has happened – the first time was my last attempt, then another was when the kids were just being crazy silly. When I was with my kids tho – I was able to fight it. This time I couldn’t.

What the crap??