So today….


umm….sorry. I apparently now schedule posts so my days as to when this comes out is now screwed up. I have no idea when y’all are gonna read this. So, I cant really decide how to proceed…..umm…

Oh yea…derf Jessica. I’m so awesome.

Its an old pic but I was too busy to take more
Its an old pic but I was too busy to take more

So Tuesday.

Even though I don’t see that therapist anymore (cause she up and fell asleep on me…falled…fell aslept. Ha and I was an English major, figure that out); I still take her advice. We went to the park, eat that social anxiety, anxiety, OCD…whatever the crap is wrong with me!

Granted its been months since I took her advice …shhh don’t look at me like that. Kids get sick when they go to parks….and great now that I said that they’re gonna get sick.

Crap. I can’t even erase it cause I already typed it. And they just got over colds too.

OCD sucks yo.


ARGH! I can’t even………no. Gotta keep on with my proud post.

I only wanted to stay a half hour. It was a hot day and there were too many people.

Anyways, my kids of course wanted to separate so I went into holy crap mode. My daughter was with me at the swings and my son went to the slide. At the other side of the park. Thank God I chose the small park – For obvious reasons – but still holy crap mode was initiated.

Holy crap its been 2 minutes, where did the boy go?

Holy crap did I push the girl too hard on the swings?

Holy crap what is that guy doing here by himself?

That last one?

Made me pull my daughter off the swing (you can imagine how happy that made her) and convince them both they wanted to go on the big swings. Had to keep track of the strange guy just sitting in his car – by himself. Ew right? Another strange guy came up to his car, both of them left and only the original guy came back and drove off. Apparently this neighborhood was not as safe as I thought. Ninja Drug lords live there too (sorry reference to my old blog. Tried to find the blog post but freaking A! I wrote a lot there!)

Once the p3rv3 left, I let them slide a bit and then carrying the girl like a sack of potatoes – we left.

It was an hour later.

I felt like a million dollars.

Except for the fact that my kids were red faced and I just know that everyone was looking at me like I was the worst mom in the world because I hadn’t given them anything to drink or eat that whole time but whatever they could never understand because I would’ve been fighting the kids anyways but then again I didnt notice anyone looking at them or me but then again I was really concentrating on the possible drug exchange happening.

Ha- worlds longest run-on sentence brought to you by the letter F – as in “Freaking A, what the hell was that?”

Doncha just love coming to my blog?

Anyways, I got new glasses – except you can’t tell they are new glasses….or can you?

Which one do you think it is?PicMonkey Collage