I keep hearing R2-D2.

I don’t know how to continue after that sentence.

But I do.

The other day I kept hearing a robot booping and beeping around the house. I asked my son if he heard anything; he just laughed.

I’ve heard voices too.

Nothing telling me what to do. Just whispers. Sometimes people saying my name, sometimes it’ll be the person I’m sitting next to and I swear they’ve said something and they look at me like I’m crazy. And then there’s what happened the other day.

I think the next doctor is definitely gonna tell me that have bipolar.

I did something online called a bipolar test. It’s not a diagnostic tool – obviously. But it said if you answered yes to more than 10 you are probably bipolar and need to talk to a doctor.

So I guess I just need to accept that I may need to go on antipsychotics.

Man, my new pdoc appt can’t come soon enough.