So today I thought I could fly.

Not literally.

Figuratively I guess.

I don’t know. I know I can’t fly, I mean I can, there’s always united airlines. Whatever. You’re making me lose track.

This morning I woke up to hear how nice and cool it was and how nice it was gonna be. I was determined to do something awesome with the kids.

Ever on the case of wanting to be super mom (wha? Who doesn’t for their kids?) and feeling like I could take over the world, (yes, I should’ve realized the signs of the hypomania/mania/psychosis {that’s the new diagnosis btw, -psychosis- sheesh I have no idea anymore}); I threw caution to the wind….and we left.

The husband freaked cause apparently he had a feeling I was teetering on the edge (apparently boom boom time was more adventurous than normal…seemed fine to me) and warned me about spending any money.

To prove to him I was absolutely fine; I was like: I’ll show him; I’ll park outside the DC zoo and walk into the park.


Lemme tell you something.

When my kids started screaming: are we there yet? for the zillionth time – yes they do start at the age of 3 &2 – I had had enough.

I pulled off to a side street and parked the car.

The GPS after said I was only 2.3 miles away. I’ve done that before – walking I mean. I could walk it now.

Doesn’t matter that I have to push 60 pounds of toddler, 10 pounds of carriage and 5-6 pounds of baby bag (packed w lunch, extra juice, diapers, blah, blah, blah).

I can fly.

I looked at the sign, only 2 hr parking permitted. Not a problem. I can walk to the zoo in 15 mins and spend the 2 hrs there and we can get back with more than enough time!


I can fly!

Obviously I have no sense mileage and 45 minutes to an hour later – we arrive at the zoo.

I do believe I sweated the pound equivalent of a small poodle.

We get there and I swear to you; I was threatening the animals. After that freaking walk, you better come out so my freaking kids can see you.

Yeah, I’m so threatening to the animals.

I didn’t take any pics; my anxiety got the best of me. Literally at one point I lost sight of my son. I almost peed my pants.

He just walked around me.

Then we sat down after seeing a coupla exhibits and had lunch. After my son and I fought of course.

I’m not hungry

But you hafta eat buddy

but I wanna see the elephants!

Yeah that was fun. After we ate and saw the elephants I realized the time. 12:45.

Holy crap!

Remember 2 hr limit? I had only 30 mins to get back to the car before the DC police were gonna come over and take my car to the car lot/pound/thingy. And then I would be stuck without a car with two kids in the middle of DC without a car.

So remembering I could fly – we left.

We get to a stop light; out of breath I look at my clock. 1:11

Oh my word. They are taking my car. Yeah I told that suhckah anxiety to shut up and it did. Cause I’m awesome.

But apparently I can’t fly.

We got to the car – it was there thank God, but it was 1:40.

My feet hurt, but I did it!!!

maybe I can fly after all 😉