Today has sucked more than sucky suckington from sucktown.

Yeah, hence the name. I’m so freaking poetic, I know.

We had a low and quiet day. Stayed home because the kids have this weird cold; and by weird I mean – I don’t know if they have one or not.

I just may be losing my mind. Sometimes they are completely congested and sound like a paper shredder and sometimes they are fine.

Can’t … dang. What was I saying?

Anyways, today I’ve just had one anxiety attack after another. Anything triggering it to nothing triggering it.

The bump on my stomach still hasn’t healed, well it has – but its still friggin there!

I feel like the worlds dirtiest human being. I seriously do not know why it’s still there! Why won’t it go away? Am I that disgusting?

Yup, those are the words in my head.

The boy is going through re-potty training. A special thanks to moving in here, for having to start from scratch again. He’s doing well though.

~~~20 minute pause

I left him alone with the husband in a pair of underwear – yup I just cleaned up some pee.

The kids just wanted to play with me and all I could do was close my eyes and wish I was somewhere else. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing. I couldn’t function sitting there. I couldn’t breathe sitting there with them.

It was a sucky day.