Not that you know, but I’ve been gone for 30 mins. And during that time?

I had a talk with the husband about what I can and cannot say to the psychiatrist (wait more coming on that) and started a mini craft for the kids in which I super glued my fingers together….again.

Superglue loves my fingers.

Anyways about the psychiatrist thing, don’t get mad about the husband. He found out for me (because he himself is in the medical field), that the psychiatrist I’m seeing today – his license is on probation.

Or however you say that in correct English.

So I’m like crap – this is why CIGNA sucks!!!!!

Apparently the pdoc didn’t follow standard care and keep good records.

I have no idea what that means, but what I’m picturing is that his office is gonna resemble Gunga Din.

What or where is Gunga din anyways??

Will update soon, if I can get out alive.