I’m changing psychiatrists.


I’m using the opportunity of an insurance change to do it. My current doc is a lot like Dr. Phil.

She downplays everything you are going through and makes jokes about not being normal.

Sometimes I swear she thinks I’m making up or exaggerating my symptoms just to get some drugs – tho in retrospect … that may be the paranoia. I was talking with one of the therapists in her office and she rolled her eyes at me (as I explained a paranoia fear) – of course this was on the same day she fell asleep on me.

Wish I was kidding. I mean, I’m good natured and all. I can laugh at myself – but with my friend. And to let you know? I have like 3 friends.

And then everything I say to her she’s like “oh that’s nothing”…please stop downplaying my issues! It is not normal for me to throw out one of my kids toys because I swore it had a camera in it!

The only other psychiatrist I know is my old one. The one who said I was gonna be a bad mom if I let my fear control how I raise my kids? Yeah. I’m dying to go back to her.

—-insert two hour pause…you have no idea—-

Ha, just spent the last like two hours looking for a new psych doc. Finally found one.

Hope he’s better than the last two, who by the way don’t take my new insurance.

THIS IS WHY CIGNA SUCKS!!!!!! No one wants to take their insurance!

Every time I found a name it was “oh sorry sweetie we don’t take your kind here”

Okay maybe they were talking about insurances but still……whatever.

I forgot what I was talking about sooooo……here’s a funny picture.


My Puerto Rican mami always said that….and my kids Puerto Rican mami? Yup she does too.

Man I am screwing up my kids too ain’t I?