I’m alive!!!!!!!


Pardon the bags in that pic….I was pooped.

I survived barely. Seriously, it was a harrowing experience. No seriously. After sitting in traffic for an hour – and me having to pee for 30 mins of that; what could be more harrowing?

We had to park a mile a way of course and since we were 5 mins late my husband was dragging me most of that mile.

He hates being late – apparently to the point that he would risk me setting myself.

Welp. Then the anxiety hit. Along with the noise – and allllllll the people.

Sorry, didn’t take a picture of that. I was too busy looking at their feet and concentrating on breathing.

And not peeing myself of course.

By the by, men in thong flip flops? Is just unnatural! What possesses a man to wear those things? It’s just ugly!!


So, we get in and I’ve peed and we got our seats and enjoyed the view for about two seconds.

Apparently we had the Brat pack sitting behind us. They were loud, annoying, and possibly drunk by the second inning.

Every time one of the clapped I swear he was purposefully doing it right in my ear.

But we dealt….ha. We. I dealt with it like a pro.


Then it hit. Overstimulation. Everyone was too close, loud clapping guy was getting louder, there were more drunk screams for Strassburg, Ramos and Harper to hit far(ooo, check me out I remembered 3 people! …. Yeah I did get help from the husband), people leaping up to look to see where a ball went. I had had too much.


I told the husband I needed to go and I just walked.

Walked I did; into the hugest crowd I ever saw. I kept my eyes to the walls, as my throat burned w the sobs that I wanted to be let free. But I stood firm.

I kept walking, felt like forever – as I kept hearing the peddlers (wait…are they still called that?) scream for attention and people call for their friends while i was spinning the drain; of course thinking they were all calling my name. But I stayed firm, tears brimming, but I stayed firm.

Lord knows, if I broke down; some nice soul would’ve gotten spooked out of their life as I screamed “DONT TOUCH ME!” or “LEAVE ME ALONE!” – As they attempted their good deed of the day.

So I stood firm.

Then, I remembered “derf, how about you pray?” And boom. Once I started praying and asking The Lord to save me – I kid you not – the crowd parted.

Well, officially I finally found the main doohickey place.

So, after peeing and watching a few minutes of the 7th inning stretch the husband calls me on my cell looking for me.

He came and we watched the rest of the game from a nice “quieter” area.


Ha. Quieter. Well, at least the drunk people were not enclosed with meus. The bad thing was that we could now hear the annoying TV announcers.

Oh well, you win some you lose some. At least we enjoyed our time together and got this beautiful shot.