So like I promised….a lighter post.

So today my husband is taking me to a baseball game.

Yeah, you read that right.


The chick who suffers from major social anxiety going to a baseball game.

Cue the paranoia now please.

Ha. Like …. Gah. I am such a mess, I can’t even finish that joke.

I don’t even know what I was smoking when I agreed to go!

Can you imagine me? At a baseball game? Shoo, I don’t even know who’s playing. All I know is its in DC aaaaaaaannnndddd…….oh yeah I’m gonna die.

Wha? Don’t you remember Sum of all fears? Same circumstance here.

I know I heard somewhere that a nuclear warhead was missing from somewhere.

I don’t know how to move on from there…..soooooo.


We watched the first half of Star Wars with my son. He loved it, until the action stopped and it was all about the talking.

Then he was all….I’m a Star Wars unicorn fartin.

Okay not really but that would’ve been so freakin awesome right?

He ….. I don’t know. All I keep thinking about is the scene from “The Fan” where Robert DeNiro is all spooky and scary and threatens Wesley Snipes…..and now that I think about it – that’s like the entire movie.

But then that could totally happen to me. Stop laughing. It totally could. Totally. I mean I already have two stalkers. Granted they are both under four feet and I made them – but still.

Y’all know how awesome I am.