I was suffering and I was alone.

I didn’t understand what I was going through – PPD? bipolar II? What is that? Am i really mentally ill?

I didn’t know and every step of the way of my healing process – I was met (& still meet) with ignorance. Stigma is a huge hurdle people come across when trying to get and in many cases …. keep them from getting help.

“I’m a mom, I’m supposed to be able to handle this.”

“Oh, I’m a Christian. I just need to pray more or have better faith or whatever.”

“You don’t suffer from an anxiety disorder – you just worry too much. Calm down. Stop worrying.”

“You don’t have bipolar Jessica; everyone gets paranoid once in a while.”

“If you get out of the house more, you wouldn’t be as depressed.”

These are all things I’ve heard or said to myself. Stigma is powerful.

Slowly but surely there are more people talking about mental health issues – trying to breakdown those stupid stigmas.

Like the CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). His name is Gordon Smith and his life was changed in a drastic way when his son took his life recently.

In memory of his son and to keep others from experiencing his pain, he and the NAB created ok2talk.org. A campaign that encourages teens and/or young adults to share personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope in a supportive and safe, moderated space at OK2Talk.org. There will also be a series of PSA’s running nationwide that will hopefully start the conversation. That mental health is not something to be laughed at or swept under the rug.

Please join me and other bloggers and shoo – anyone who are talking about this site.

Lets breakdown those stigmas together.