Hi. I’m not one to get into politics and drama and nonsense like that – but today I must. It’s one of those things I just can’t keep silent on.

You my dear sir you have made a faux paus. Well, I shouldn’t open like that as you probably get a lot of letters saying that – but it’s what I feel.

You goofed.

Lemme explain. Recently, you spoke out about your distaste for Anthony Weiner.

While I can’t admonish you for your distaste in people; I can for your choice of words.

“…I think he needs serious psychiatric help…”


I got a whole bunch of problems with what small sentence. First, let me start by acknowledging that I do not live in the great state of New York but I do hail from there.

Next, another acknowledgement: I have a mental illness. Doesn’t matter what type but I suffer not only from the pain of my illness, but the pain of the stigma that comes along with it.

Stigma that is encouraged with daily statements made by people like you.

“…I think he needs serious psychiatric help…”

Do you realize how stinging that is? To make a statement like that; especially to the press?

What if Mr. Weiner does have a mental illness? No, wait – let me put it to you this way.

What if youhad, God forbid, cancer? What if you knew something was wrong with you but you just didn’t want to go to a doctor to find out? What if you did something that made people look at you differently and think differently of you?

Think Congressman. Think before you use that word!

I really don’t think it means what you think it means.

Please, let me just get this straight. Just because he did those things and then lied you believe he needs psychiatric help. Sooooo……what about all the other politicians who do the same thing or similar? Do they need psychiatric help? Or did I fall into some sort of time warp and he is the only politician that lies?

The thing is he just might be mentally ill – I believe that I read somewhere that sex addiction is a mental illness; not sure though didnt read too much on that. Your words to the press, could’ve kept him from getting help he needed. Stigma is a huge barrier many people with a mental illness cannot overcome.

Everyday people choose not to get help for their real psychiatric problems because of a stigma that has been raised by people like you. Stigmas live on until people start busting them down and changing their words.

Please sir, next time when you see a dog call it a dog – not a psychopath. Words hurt.