My husband and I were trying to have a serious conversation, when the queen of the universe arrived. Apparently:

the girl: daddy, wha are you doing? Daddy up!

the husband: baby girl do you not see me talking to your mother? Go to the living room and play with your brother.

the girl: (stares at him like he’s crazy) no

the husband: what? Are you too good to play with your brother?

the girl: yeah

me: (stifling my laughter)

the husband: well too bad. Come on (takes her by the hand), you need to go now.

the girl: no daddy! (she pulls her hand away)

the husband: wha? Don’t tell me. You’re too good to walk to the living room too?

the girl: yeah

me: hysterical laughing as my husband carries his daughter to the living room

Man, she’s gotta teach me those tricks!