You are.

It’s not a long list and its a list that a big conglomerate like you probably couldn’t care less about – but it’s a list you really don’t wanna be on. Believe you me.

First? I read about how you are increasing the stigma surrounding postpartum mood disorders. Yeah that’s right – I’m going on my soap box; deal with it.

For shame!

Women across the world are suffering in silence because of the ignorance & filth you spill as news.

I was almost one of them. I stayed silent for too long.

God knows what could’ve happened to me or my family. It hurts my heart to remember the pain my kids and husband endured.

Wanna know something interesting? I too had postpartum psychosis like Andrea. There were days I was convinced people were in my house; ready to hurt me and my babies. There were days I was driving; where I knew people were following me home. To kidnap us, to hurt us. I would fall asleep crying; praying to the good Lord to protect the kids.

You see i was convinced that I was sleepwalking & somehow hurting my babies. I would try to leave markers for myself, ya know, to see if I moved anything in my sleep. Nothing would change but that didn’t convince me.

It was by Gods grace – and modern medicine – I didn’t do anything.

If I didn’t go in to get help – Lord Jesus. I don’t wanna think about it.

Before I was ill, I felt like you. Judgmental. Self-righteous. Holier than her. I mean how could she, shes a mother right?


She was sick, so sick.

Polluting people’s minds and telling the world that hers was one of the crimes of the century – is wrong.

Her story is a tragedy. It should be the tragedy of the century.

Now next.


Sharknado? This is top news?

This puts you at the top of my list.


P.S. I’m an “everyone” and I wasn’t watching it.