She gave birth to me.

She loves me more than herself.

My mother.

Lordy, Lord. That woman is awesome.

Today she told me the following: “From now on, whenever I go to Costco? You are coming with me. You have no choice.”

Now why would my loving mother make such a demand of me? Well, I’ll tell ya.

The boy is sick again and its been raining here on and off for the past coupla weeks. Not wanting to make his summer cold worse – we’ve been suffering from cabin fever home bound. My mom needed to go to Costco and knowing that being indoors too long can cause a bad case of the evil magentas; offered to take us out.

Okay, okay….sorry getting to the point. She comes home and offers this story:

Mom: You will never believe what just happened to me at Costco. I swear, God allows things like this to happen to me just to make you laugh.

Me: (already smiling cause I knew it would be good) wha? What happened?

Mom: I have my cart full of stuff right? (I nodded my head in anticipation) So, I parked it alongside the aisle and go searching for the jumbo cups for Thursday. I finally find the cups, pick them up and place them in the cart next to me as I look at something interesting. (She pauses for affect as I start to get confused as you probably are) All of a sudden, I feel a tap on my shoulder and a lady about my age tells me; “Excuse me miss, but that’s my cart you put the cups in.”

I bursted out hysterical laughing. Laughing, my mom continues the story:

Mom: The lady was so nice. She told me how shes done that before too and how easy that could happen cause you get so distracted. See that wouldn’t have happened if you and the kids were there. It’s all your fault.

Me: Ha! She a liar! She was probably thinking “crazy old black lady trying to take my cart!” And whatever ma.

Mom: This is what happens when you and the kids aren’t with me! From now on, whenever I go to Costco? You are coming with me. You have no choice!

Me: Like that would’ve made a difference. If I was there, I would’ve stayed quiet to see what you would do!

Mom: Yeah, I know you would do that too.


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Ya know….I really would.