Y’all know the one cause that is near and dear to my heart right? Postpartum Depression.

Anna Paquin
Anna Paquin – PPD suferer

Turns out I ain’t alone.

Ha. I’m obviously not alone in standing up for my ninjas.

Buuuuut……….yesterday I was privileged to have a conversation with Jon Avnet; co creator of WIGS. Wow right? Well, if you are like me – you are asking…“what the heck is WIGS?” Well, WIGS was launched in May 2012 by director/producers Jon Avnet (“Black Swan,” “Fried Green Tomatoes,“ “Risky Business”), Rodrigo Garcia (“Albert Nobbs,” “In Treatment,” “Big Love”) and Jake Avnet, and is now the No. 1 channel for scripted drama on YouTube, with over 24 million views to date and more than 100,000 subscribers. The channel offers high-end original series, short films, and documentaries, all starring female leads.

Okay…not wowed yet?

Well, Mr. Avnet also directed and wrote a powerful series for WIGS called “Susanna”. Its about a woman suffering from severe postpartum depression and the affects it has on her family. Here is a clip:

Some awesome factuals? Mr. Avnet worked closely with Postpartum International and several doctors to make sure things were spot on; his attitude toward the series was the attitude of us mothers who have suffered through this disease. (Hmmm….maybe he suffered though it and didn’t know it?) There is too much of a stigma; this subject is taboo and he wants to break down the walls to start a discussion.

Want my thoughts?

Y’all need to stop reading what I am writing and watch & spread the word about this. Seriously – this is the one time I give you permission to leave my site. This series is so powerful and terrifyingly familiar; we need to help WIGS and Mr. Avnet breakdown the stigma. We need to stand up and fight like us ninjas can fight. We need to fight for those moms still struggling.

Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace

Mr. Avnet told us that how in the 80’s; he had produced the TV movie “Burning Bed” and how it changed the way that people viewed domestic violence. Lets take this series and do the same for postpartum depression. So many woman suffer through postpartum in silence for how the media sensationalize it and totally mislabel it (MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING IF YOU OPEN THAT LINK). Help spread the word so that people can finally understand what we have suffered through.

I will warn those of you still struggling with some sort of issue – the series might be triggering. I just watched the first three episodes and i was on the verge of tears the whole time; if you want to support and watch – grab a pillow or a friend or just spread the word.

The first six episodes start today and the next six come out next friday June 21st.

Lets spread the word and break the stigmas. Its so important my ninjas.

I was not compensated for this post; I just really believe in this cause. I will always write about mental health. I am a mental health ninja after all. – thats how you do a disclosure yo.