It’s weird being me.

Mostly cause I am so weird and I know it, I’ve gotten used to who I can and cannot be weird around. A special thanks to you OCD/ADHD/SAD (or is it GAD? Shoo I’m just really really anxious) for making me different ya suckers; though I can’t even blame the disease cause I’m even weird to people with those diseases.

Shoo there’s just no cure for me.

After my attempt at utter stupidity, I was forced to see a therapist. It’s been okay I guess – except for at my second session the jerk almost fell asleep on me. Guess I’m not as crazy as I thought; or at least my crazy isn’t that interesting. Well she did perk up in the end when I … Ha. Like I’m gonna tell youse.

Remember? I’m paranoid.

But she did give this nut some homework that I’m trying to work up the courage to do. Take the kids to the park by myself. I haven’t done that since the girl was in a baby carrier – and even then I was paranoid someone was gonna steal them from me.

Man, I’m getting issues just thinking about it. But baby steps right? I will get there. I will do it.

Man, I haven’t written like this in forever. Feels good to do this. Ahhhhhh……wooossssaaaaahhhhhh.

Yeah. Proved it just now.


Lets see, I’m feeling much much better, like me. I’ve had like a reawakening. Like a spark of life since that day – obviously didnt happen on that stupid day but since then. I know why God saved me. To help; to become an advocate; to be a mental health ninja and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

It’s a fire burning in my heart. I can’t wait to get started. I need to get started – but where?

Ha. Boom. That’s me. Jessica. Imperfect momma by day; mental health ninja by night – can you deal with that?