I like to look in the mirror and just imagine my reflection is just happier. Her name is Miranda and she is happy as a clam.

She may just look funky for the moment but normally she’s happy – living her life.

Living the life I want to have.

Where she goes out to her garden to just rest, drink tea and write wonderful stories of peace and grace. One thing she never has to worry about is writers block. In fact, she’s never even heard of it.

Her children are happy and well behaved – they’ve never even heard of a television…therefore the evil Caillou doesn’t exist in her world.

Her husband doesn’t work 80 hr weeks and they enjoy their life together on the plush English countryside.

I like her mirrored world. It seems so quiet and serene….but then I know I’d miss the screaming demands of my diva. My sons version of the Spanish Inquisition and my husbands half asleep conversations.