So you know how every mom makes those jokes?

“My kids must think I have a secret in the bathroom, that’s why they won’t let me pee alone”

“The lights in the bathroom are like lasers to them. They ‘must follow the lights'”

Teehee that’s my personal fave, I love a bugs life

But for reals? I found out the reason – they think We need help:

The boy: where you going?

Me: if you must know every thing; I’m going to the potty.

The girl: (in a stage whisper, she don’t wanna embarrass me after all) mommy poop

The boy: hold on.

Me: no holding on, I gotta pee!

( I swiftly ran to the bathroom & closed the door behind me as the Caillou theme song started)

The girl: where’s mommy?

The boy: I dunno

Me: I’m in the potty (derf Jessica ya shoulda kept yer yap shut)

The boy: okay, I’m coming

The girl: cummin

at this point it has hit them. Mommy has had the nerve to do something sneaky

The boy: hey, is locked

The girl: mommy! Is okay!

Me: yeah, it’s locked for a reason. I don’t need an audience to poop or pee.

The boy: but I help

The girl: is calliou!!!

Me: thank you monkeyman, but I don’t need –

The boy: oh lookit this diva!! Whats this?

Me: (flinging door open) don’t you dare!