I’m tired.

We moved.

The kids haven’t been napping, they haven’t been eating well – so they got a cold.

I hate when they get sick.

So quickly does the magenta creep up in me. And you wouldn’t think it was a thing that could creep up – I mean its such an ugly color.

Loud. Ugly. Making no room for anything else.

I slipped into the evil magentas and didn’t even realize it until my husband came home and I was crawling the walls trying to get away from the kids.

Man, that hurt saying that. Sigh. I haven’t been sleeping well, the stress of the unpacking, the millions of rules my parents have given us (I told you we live w them now right?), now the added stress of them being sick.

I kept hearing the evil magentas telling me to throw myself down the stairs. I prayed and cried.

I hate this. I hate when I get like this.

God. Now my daughter is coughing – sigh. I just want to cry.

Ya know I thought things would be a little better living with my parents (My mom doesn’t work). But nope, she’s spending all day tomorrow with women from church doing stuff.


Hopefully tomorrow it’s nice out – I can let the kids play out for a bit.