So we moved.

A lot of funny things happened. A lot of stressful things happened.

Do I remember any? Not even close as I was too tired to blog.

I’m too tired now but this was funny.

So I’m driving back home with my mom – I made a lefthand turn.

Thought nothing of it until my mom says: I am so proud of you. In retrospect, she was probably referring to the fact that I didn’t wait 3 years to make a turn because of my anxiety…but I didn’t take it there.

I responded (giving her a snotty yet playful look): wha? Is my driving that bad?!

I quickly look back at the road; before she could respond I continue: she says as she drives down the middle of the road. Hmmmm…what yellow line?

That happened 2 hours ago…my mom is still laughing at me.