So in my anxious state, my body has decided it is time to rebel.

Say wha? You want to actually breathe today Jessica? You think that just because you’re moving your body will work with you? Ha! I’m your brain! It will do what I say and what I say is that you will not breathe well and you will have major anxiety attacks. In yo face little girl!



Wow. That was more crazy eyed than I was meaning.

So, here I am letting my house get packed (okay today ::the day before move day:: there’s not much more to be packed…but still annoying) by people who are not me.

I need to fix that somehow – but I’m not sure how. Cloning is not up to par yet right?

Lordy, I wish I could do something other than get anxiety attacks that trigger asthma attacks. I know I have more skills than going crazy over little things like my parents not wrapping my queen of England china (ya know the china that you only eat on if the queen of England comes over).