So, we are attempting to do some early homeschooling.

Nothing big as my son is only three – but enough to well, whatever you want to think. I’m too tired to come up with something witty.

Anyhow, some days I can get a good “lesson” for about 30 mins.

But most days last about 5 …

Me: and what color is the cow?
The boy: blank stare

(After a period of silence and me getting frustrated cause I know he knows….which is probably why he didn’t answer. He was thinking: “woman I already showed you 5xs I know what white is”….ahem. Sorry, back to the story)

Me: okay, it’s white. Lets see. What about the chicken?
The boy: Blue?!
Me: (trying to hold it together cause he’s smirking at me…I swear it) no, close. It’s brown.

turned the page

Me: okay. Now what about this? What color is this cow?
The boy: MOO!

That was my clue