This is the year of being bold.

Where I make changes. Where I open up to people to tell them more about me, to help them.

This is it.

Whew. Pardon me. I’ve eaten a whole sleeve of Oreos and have taken my anxiety meds. This is scary for me to write – for some reason. As I type this I remember writing about this before – though with all the crazy meds I take that really could’ve been a dream.


In high school I was sexually assaulted. I don’t really talk about it. I hate talking about it actually. I get nervous and jittery (well, now I know it’s called an anxiety attack).


It’s been over 15 years.

15 long years and still I think about him. Every time I do, I pray for him – that kid needs a lot of prayer. But every time I think about him I get scared. Scared for me (will it happen again) and for my daughter (Will it happen to her).

I’m working on that – The Lord and I are working on that.

But I am being bold, open and honest. I know women need to know that they can get through it and will be strong ninjas.

So please join me on violence unsilenced .