My life is awesome….

• I go looking for my cellphone at least twice, while I’m talking on it.

• my daughter coughs like she’s dying of thirst – before she announces what she wants to drink.

• My husband absentmindedly serves us an empty hot plate for dinner (he left the actual full plate in kitchen)

• my son asks a million times the same question – even when I answer him.

• my son blames random noises on my mother. (“What was that loud noise little boy?” *him running to me with a mischievous look* “oh! It’s nana!”)

• my daughter demands people take pictures of her; whenever she sees a cellphone or camera.

• my son runs around the dining room table cause ya know, that’s what the ninja turdles do.

• my son gives haircuts regularly (I am currently sitting on the floor typing on my phone while I get a touch up)

• my daughter will throw items at you if you are not paying attention to her.

• while reprimanding my daughter, she will give me her “I go crazy” look trying to make me laugh

• while reprimanding my son, he will wink at me

I love my life


Most of the time 😉