So thats freaking hard.


I lost something very important. A box of important paperwork.

in fact I dont even know when I lost it….

the box of paperwork – I can tell ya when I lost my mind.

But I hafta wait til I get help to look for the paper work.

One? Cause I’m scared of my basement (wha? We all know I got issues…MAJOR issues).

Two? Uhhh………well cause basically I’m terrified of my basement is basically it.

We are gonna look during the double creature features nap time. But until then?  I cant concenrate on anything else. I mean I did give monkey his math lesson (we are doing a little bit of homeschooling), but I can’t sit down for the freaking life of me to work on my book.

As you can tell from this post….I am a tad bit anxious. I’m trying to trust God on this as in everything, but why does it hafta be so hard?!