I keep going on Facebook and seeing post after post stating: “this is what you voted for” or “we live in a communist state now” or “Obama is just like Hitler”. The worst part? These are posts from Christians. It’s hurting my heart. How could they not see what they are doing is ruining their witness?

It’s frustrating too. I’m a Christian. I’m not saying anything other than what are you doing people?! Didn’t you read the bible? I hate to break it to you but: SPOILERS – This was gonna happen! These things were literally foretold in the bible!

Shoo, it was also in the “Left Behind” series.

The point is not to raise your fists and scream at the lost. The point is to use that conviction you feel and turn it to the bible.

Friends, show people how this has been foretold. Don’t yell, love. This is a time to show your true love for those who need it most.

My pastor talked about this subject last Sunday. It took everything in me not to jump and scream “amen!”

These people are lost, they do not know what they are doing. Don’t join them – help them. God has called us to be shining lights; don’t shroud it with something that is so temporary and insignificant as the problems of this world.