Holly said: “…the mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you dont know what you’re afraid of…”

Sweet Lord I love that movie/book. Okay – who are we kidding. I didnt know it was a book until 3 years after I saw the movie.

I love Audrey Hepburn.

But – I love love love this movie! I never got why I loved it so much. Literally it did not hit me until now (well not this second…but recent enough) when I watched in disbelief as she described me.

I get afraid constantly and constantly I dont know why I am afraid.

Maybe what I’ve been missing is a trip to Tiffanys. Cause ya know thats totally feasible for me. Two screaming monsters kids in tow – three to five hour drive to Tiffanys in Manhattan; check! Not a problem! Ha!

Ugh, what the crap was I saying?

The mean reds.

Yeah. So I like that name and thought I am totally gonna call my anxiety the mean reds and the funk is the evil magentas.

Cause depression is more than blue – more than black – more than gray – its evil. It should stand alone and just be called the evil, but it needed a color and well….I hate the color of magenta.

What do you think?