I told ya? My daily posts lasted all of like…….dangit. I have no idea and I am too lazy to look back and see. If you really care, you can just scroll down later.

Not now though. I’m talking. Anyways. I’m allowed to be flaky like that though, I’m crazy. So. There.130115-164125


Got my new glasses.

I look all types of h.a.w.t now right?

So sue me – I don’t know how to take a proper picture with this…..ha ha. Like I could ever take a proper picture.  Well, I could – but this is much more fun.

Anyways, been fighting the funk and the super anxiety. Same old, same old basically.

Found out some news recently that someone I love is making some really stupid decisions. Like really stupid. It scares me, I know they are gonna go through some tough times and some great heartache. But I cant stop them.

I know I need to let them go through this nonsense – especially cause this person is so stinking hard headed – but I dont want to. I wanna slap the crap outta them. I wanna slap some sense into them!

I want them to see the truth – the truth that I know they can see but dont want to.

I want them to not hurt, I want them to be happy.

But that aint gonna happen is it?