Christmas night was spent at my parents. My brother was helping us put the kids and toys and extra crap (whoever leaves their parents without extra crap – is a sad person), when we had this conversation.

Me: dude, I was totally gonna get you a weeping angel for Christmas. Then whenever I come over (he lives parents right now) I would move it around.

Brother: ah, man that would have freaked me out for like a second. Cause then I would just ask ma if you came over.

Me: meh, I can work with her – she wouldn’t know. I had the best places. Like under your pillow or your sheets.

Brother: but why didn’t you?

Me: we wanted to get you something….

Husband: come on Jess, we gotta go.

Me: we wanted to get you something you and your girlfriend could enjoy. Well, there’s always Feezel day. We could get each other one then. Love you, bye. (I say as I get into the car)

Brother: (still standing there in shock) Feezel day? What the –

(The door shut, I couldn’t hear him.)


That’s how you make an exit.