It’s true.

I’m dying.

Of an eye infection.

Okay, maybe dying is a bit of a stretch. My eye is gonna fall out. There ya happy?

Renaming the post: my eye is gonna fall out!

Am I actually gonna Rename it? Well, for those who stalk me know…..ha.

And for those who came here thinking “holy crap she’s dying”….sorrylets move on.

Sorry ADHD has been bad lately. What was I saying again?

I’m dying. Of an eye infection. Saw the doctor to get new contacts – I have had the same pair for three years – and he tells me my eye is wonky.


Actually he said “iffy”. All those years and I was using a medical term! In yo…..face…..whoever.

Moving on. I didn’t realize he meant infection until he gave me eye drops and said: “see ya back in a week”.

So. Obviously I’m dying.

Im upset though. i hadta stay off contacts fir a week. I can’t go out looking like this:


Dang that’s a horrible picture. I look like I got acorns in my cheeks.

Nonetheless, I hafta go a week in my old glasses. Ya know, I haven’t changed these glasses since 1996. When I told that to the sales guy he was like “do you realize that’s more than a decade and a half ago?”

Gee buddy, want me to slap you now or later? Thanks for making me feel so old knucklehead.

Plus side at least I got new glasses. Gonna stay off contacts for a while – give my beautiful brown eyes a rest.

Negative side – I hafta wear these evil glasses til I get them!