As I sit here in the almost silent (the girl is fighting sleep and talking in her room), I ponder an age old question.

I say; who – who…who let the dogs out?


Sorry, cultural malfeasance out of my system. Check out that college word – see I told youse I had brains.

Anyways, been a bad trying coupla days. Felt like weeks since I blogged. Just realized now its only been a week. That’s how bad things have been for me – crazily speaking.

It all started when my husband sweetly took me out on a date to see Les Mis. I think I am literally the last person in America to not have seen the thing. Of course knew the songs, just never seen the play.

So proudly the husband took me. Two and a half – or was it three? Shoo, a million hours later we left the theater and I had cried my ugly cry I public.

Well, almost. I was able to hold most of it back behind the napkin.

Weirdest sentence ever.

Anyways, I started feeling the funk start to swallow me. But I fought! The next day we watched the last Batman movie; which if you haven’t seen? Is very dark.

Down the evil rabbit hole I go.

Yes. I am that easily affected. Don’t understand? Obviously you are not as crazy as me – so shut it.

I am fighting but I just find it so hard, sometimes I just wanna give in to those thoughts of running away. I even make plans. But then I pray and ask The Lord for strength and somehow get through it.

But that feeling never leaves – I wish it would. I hate feeling like this, running to my bedroom to cry hysterically cause I hate my life and everything about it – only to be told to suck it up “I have nothing to be sad about”.

Sigh. Sorry, that was a vent. Man, I’m feeling all over the place.

Moving on.

New Year, new rules. Or something like that.

Gonna start posting more about my life – one of my resolutions (hence the title). Even if it’s just a quick pic of me being awesomely silly.


I dont know; let’s see how this week goes.

Man, I hate being in such a deep funk.