It’s just too much.

I know what I said a coupla days ago about falling on God; but shhhh you self righteous know-it-alls.

I need to vent.

My mom is having surgery today, my kids are both sick – AGAIN, I’m trying to start a writing career, I hurt my knee so bad – for the past two weeks I could barely walk, I started therapy and we hit a huuuuuuuge milestone-ish type thing, my husband has two jobs because of stupid decisions we made as newlyweds (it wouldn’t even matter if I got a job; he would still need two cause of daycare), because my husband works those two jobs he’s always tired and we barely get alone time. Oy, I could go on – and by the way; not that type of alone time nasty.

I’m a lady suhckah. I don’t talk like that.

Now, we add to it the hospital bills from my daughters birth, plus her asthma machine, plus my surgery on top of all the bills we already had?

Yeah, economy is doing better my butt.

Wait – I didn’t even tell you the best part! Apparently nothing can be done without me making a decision. Nothing can be done without me okaying a choice. I always have to be involved. Always.

It’s too freaking much I tell ya! It’s got me teetering on the edge people.

Lord Jesus help me! I can’t do this right now!

I just want to curl up in a ball and hide under the covers for about a month. Will that be okay?