Stop laughing yo, I’m serious.

Lemme tell you, so I’m driving home tonight when I hit a pothole with my car.

Normally not an issue, but I have a 1,000 year old car. True story.

So that turned on this light.


“Holy crap! I’m gonna die! What is that?!”

Then of course, like a good blogger, I took a picture. If I was driving or not – that’s nunya. Nunya biznaz.


That’s 1998 for y’all, wait. Did that come from the 90s?


I can’t remember what happened after. i blanked out from sheer fear for my life and that’s my story I’m sticking to….ahem.

So I finally come to and remember my car hit a pothole and my car is 3000 years old. So I did the most sensible thing.

Pull off to the side of the road, turn off the car, wait, start it up with a prayer and boom.

Light is gone.

That’s how you fix a 5000 year old car y’all.