Why don’t people ask chubby women if they’ve lost weight?

I’ve lost about 15lbs and no ones said a thing to me.

Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe they don’t wanna tell me cause I’m too crazy and they don’t think I could handle it. But I know for danged sure you can tell I’ve lost weight.


I was having a conversation with someone at church who I hadn’t seen basically all summer. I said the following sentence: “…I’ve lost some weight so…” And she interrupts me and goes “yeah I noticed.”

I didn’t know how to answer her, felt like saying yeah right liar….but I’m trying to be a good Christian and I know my funkilicious self can be a little bit much for some people. Translation: people don’t get my awesome humor.

So in the end….I just ignored her comment by smiling and continuing my story.

Man. I’m such a great Christian.

But anyways, seriously. Why don’t people ask me? But it’s not like I want them to….now that I think about it.

I mean then that invites the question: “how are you losing all that weight?” I don’t think the depression diet of not eating for days at a time is something you should be promoting. That would only lead to the eventual, “oh yeah you’re crazy” looks and quick side step away when you sneeze or blink.

So in the end? This post is to say – no need to comment on my weight y’all and I think I need to pick up some sorta multivitamins.