So you know how Georgia infected all of us?

Yes, I am most assuredly sticking with that story. Cause my ninjas, it’s true.

Anyways, the boy finally had a day that he was eating. Which means I was no longer an anxious mess and the girl? Well, the girl was – well being a Diva of course. My husband? Still dying of infermia: also known as the man cold.

But Me? I had that feeling that i wanted to run head first into a wall just get out of the monotony. I wish I was kidding about that. Depression sucks.

Being stuck in the house this long? Not good for my depression. Everyday waking up, being pulled at from both directions from these kids? With their constant screaming and fighting? No. Not fun.

So, I did the only thing I could. Opened up an activity book and we did a craft together after nap time.

Then? Feeling an urge?

I made cookies.

From freaking scratch.

Who the crap am I??

I’m this happy kids momma. Fighting and never giving up.