Ya know I just wish there were days when I could just pick to be crazy.

Where I would just be able to push out the world, roll up into a ball and be like: too bad for you I can’t deal right now.

Aren’t people with mental illnesses allowed to have days like that?

They should be.

The girl now has the fever virus. I literally had to shove the Tylenol down her throat and then two full droplets of water down her throat cause she refused any form of drink.

No. Not traumatizing at all.

My son at least is feeling betterish.

Just wish the kid would eat.

So now what am I doing? Hiding in my room.

I can’t deal. All I want to do is scream at everyone and be crazy. I wanna run into a room and cry and not deal.

I never want to take the kids out again ever.

Sigh. My husband just yelled at me. Said he couldn’t handle the dinner with my family alone. So I guess I gotta be crazy later.