Sorry. Not pregnant. Just in Georgia.

So we are in Georgia for thanksgiving.

We were iffy about it. Wasn’t sure how the kids would take the drive and the long stay (we are gonna be here for 15 years apparently). But finally my husband decided – he hasn’t seen his brother in forever (less than a year) we were going.

I suggested giving the kids Benadryl – to which my husband said “no. We are leaving at night the kids will be fine. They’ll sleep the whole night through.”

7pm we left. We didn’t let either kid nap for 2 days hoping it would add to their exhaustion. Ha!

By midnight? Both kids were wide awake and we still had had 5 more hours to go.

Around 1 am my son just about had a fit and wanted nothing more to do with sitting in his car seat.

So I may or may not have let him sit in the front with me at 2. Yes he was crying whining that entire time.

Then at 4, I had had enough and my fictional seat mate may or may not have been returned. I don’t know. Details are foggy if this really happened.


So around 430 we stopped for gas and I peed in the gas station that was almost assuredly in one of the chainsaw massacre movies. Except the dude was black…and smiling really creepily. Like he was happy I used the bathroom.

Eww. I don’t want to think about the fact that my bare butt may be plastered across the Internet. Sorry to all you perverts.

So we got here around 5…..something. I don’t know it was pitch black. I tried to get the kids to sleep but the just wanted to play.


We spent all day relaxing yesterday, today? We are at some place called monkey joes.

It’s like a bouncy house crack den. Kids coughing all over place, picking each others boogers, being all hopped on sugar, bouncing in balloon houses made of tar (or whatever they are made of to withstand the brats darlings). But hey, the boy is happy. The girl? Is being a major brat per her usualness of course.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving. Lord knows what’s in store. We are leaving tomorrow night hopefully.

You best be believing I’m making those kids down that Benadryl.

Whether they like it or not