Okay…well, okay. Maybe just a little crazy.

I mean I still believe that most people who smile at my kids are pedophiles.

Well – if I don’t know them.

Should have prefaced with that.


Oh well.

Anyways, back to what I was saying…….which is something big.

Oh! I’m not crazy!

well not as crazy as I thought.

See, last year I went to see this new psychiatrist. After a couple of weeks she diagnosed me with Bipolar 2 and anxiety disorder. I was shell shocked. Mostly because I basically fed her the diagnosis. Yea – that should’ve given me warning signals that she was a nut herself. I did have an unsettling feeling in my belly, but I just was so confused.

I  went home expecting to get support from my family…..well. Lets just say I didn’t get it.

I prayed and came to the conclusion – who cares what I am called as long as the meds work right?

Well, apparently a lot of people care.

If you have bipolar you have a disease that makes you … ewww. Ya know? Like someone doesn’t want to touch or talk to you.


So sad but true. People I know in real life were starting to treat me differently and it was pissing me off. I stayed with my best friend and just started pushing other people away.

I mean Mrs. Awesome? She really goes by her name. Another plus side is I met some people through this – who knew about this diagnosis and didn’t care – and they are forever in my awesome group. But damage was done.

Then I started searching out God, which is something that one does in a situation like this. Ya know, that situation where everyone alienates you and your family cause they think you’re crazy? The only person who will talk to you is Jesus.

I was so mad at the Lord for making me like this. But through it, slowly but surely I made some real progress.

So I did. I’ve come to forgive them and move on.

So what am I saying?

I have no flipping clue. My ADHD is acting up. Sorry.


OOh yeah….hahahaha, how I’m not supposed to be crazy or something.

Well, through it all I’ve learned to really trust and lean on the Lord and?

How you like me now suhckahs?!

After getting a new psychiatrist? Found out – I don’t have Bipolar 2.

I have severe depression and severe anxiety disorder. Its so severe that its on the verge of paranoia – but not there yet suhckahs!

So I ain’t that crazy…yet!