My not so proud mommy moment

So I’m in a funk.

Depression sucks yo, but sometimes it makes me extremely sarcastic. Unfortunately it makes me always short tempered too.

For example? I was wrestling changing my daughter into her pajamas when I had this conversation with my son:

Monkey: baby seep?

Me: (grunting and sweating as I struggle to change her diaper and put her footsie pjs on) yes sweetie, we are putting baby to sleep.

::long pause here while I am still struggling with my daughter::

Monkey: mommy, what are you doin?

Me: (by this time I finally finished dressing her wiggly butt and was leaning on her changing table gasping for breath and she was drinking her night cup giggling at my defeat…ahem. I may be exaggerating a little) I’m waiting for a bus on 57th street in a rain storm.

Monkey: oh. Okay.

2 thoughts on “My not so proud mommy moment

  1. I just read your guest post about PPD over at The Immortal Soul and I appreciated you sharing that so much. I wrote a post about my PPD (my son is almost 12 weeks old) earlier this week and have been feeling so alone in it. It was great to read about someone else who has been in my shoes. Thank you!

  2. I am so sorry that you have felt alone, you most definitely are not. Have you checked out postpartum progress? That has a lot of information on finding support groups around you. And make mommy go something something has a great resource page for those in Canada. And I am here if you just want someone to talk to justathought08 at gmail dot com

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