So I’m in a funk.

Depression sucks yo, but sometimes it makes me extremely sarcastic. Unfortunately it makes me always short tempered too.

For example? I was wrestling changing my daughter into her pajamas when I had this conversation with my son:

Monkey: baby seep?

Me: (grunting and sweating as I struggle to change her diaper and put her footsie pjs on) yes sweetie, we are putting baby to sleep.

::long pause here while I am still struggling with my daughter::

Monkey: mommy, what are you doin?

Me: (by this time I finally finished dressing her wiggly butt and was leaning on her changing table gasping for breath and she was drinking her night cup giggling at my defeat…ahem. I may be exaggerating a little) I’m waiting for a bus on 57th street in a rain storm.

Monkey: oh. Okay.