and thats pronounced moooosh to you who really want to know.

So, I’ve been such a mess this week. With hurricane/Superstorm/Gonna-take-my-life storm Sandy and my mixed state? Yeah. Not a good mix. I’ve been stuck in the house for too long.

Except for yesterday and the day before. I get out I’m just trying to make a melodramatic point.

Bear with me.

Anyways – My brain is working faster than my fingers so pardon me if my post doesnt make sense. Sorry, part of the territory of the crazy.

This time I’m not talking about the bipolar 2. I’m talking about my kids. My son is running back and forth in the living room screaming: “Oh baby gurrrr (girl)!!!” As my daughter chases him, confused but hysterical laughing.

Yea….that type of crazy.

Okay…maybe a little of “the crazy” crazy.

Oh funny thing, last night I was being overstimulated by my double creature feature – so my hubby stepped in. He tried to distract the girl, as the boy was sitting in my lap crying and I was pinching myself hard to keep myself from screaming.

It was working for about 2 minutes – then she walked over to me, demanding to be picked up. My husband called out to her – she turns around to look at him – she shakes her hand at him and screams jibberish at him. Then she turns around to me and says “up!”

I laughed so hard.

God knows what we need when we need it right? I needed that laugh so badly. What perfect timing.

What was I talking about again?