Guess what suhckahs?

I conquered one of my paranoias – kinda.

You see a big one I have surrounds … Shoo, most of them surround my kids.

They are so darn cute.

So anytime anyone looks at them too long? I get freaked.

Anyways, back to my triumph. One of my fears is taking my kids for a walk and letting them walk by themselves.

I’m paranoid that people are gonna come from no where and steal their cute selves from me. So? I haven’t done it. Ever.

I haven’t even taken them for a walk in their carriage outside of the mall…it’s too risky.

Man, that even sounds crazier than I thought.

Anyways, anyways, anyways – I took my kids for a walk & I let them walk by themselves!!!!!!!!

I let them walk for 20 minutes around our community. We kept circling, the kids wanted to go out and beyond into the street sidewalks – but baby steps right?

Now, just to shake this feeling that I just paraded my adorable children in front of potential child stealers. Lemme go check the doors again.

Sigh. I hate being crazy.