So I’ve been doing a bible study with someone, and we came across something very interesting.

We’re going through Warren Wiersbe’s book Be Joyful. It’s a study on Phillipians. I went through it in college, wanted to go through it again – for obvious reasons.

I thought – great book to apply what I’m going through right now. But then it’s really starting to hit home.

Like today we were talking about how Paul had a “single mind”. Now, for those who are like me – that doesn’t mean he only has one brain. It means he’s only focused on one thing, which is God. Simple right?

No. That means that when you are going through the worst part of your life – you should keep your mind focused on God. Don’t complain, don’t think about the situation that you are currently in and keep your mind on God.

Just like Paul did. In Acts 16, he was arrested in Rome (I think), falsely accused, beaten, thrown in prison and what did he do? Spend the time praying and praising The Lord.

Why don’t I do that? Does that make me less of a Christian? I asked my mom that. She said no. That it was something that we should look achieve to.

So okay.

This is me trying to get that single mind. Trying to keep God as my center and …. Just trying to keep my head afloat.

I let you know how it goes