Today, I took the kids out for the first time by myself in over 2 months.

Yeah, I was adventurous. Translation? An idiot.

I’m … What? 2 weeks post surgery? No wait. 3 weeks. Makes sense I would go out by myself.

Why did I get myself all worked up?

Oh yeah.

I’m crazy.

We are back now and I feel like crap. Doesn’t help that I was triggered. Nah, not gonna say.

Just know I’m in a depressive state.

I think I kinda woke up that way now that I think about it…dang. Can’t blame the person.

I just want to sleep. I’m supposed to do a bible study thing for Monday, wait – not me. I’m not giving the bible study. Ha. I would be the last person that should give it in this state especially.

No, I’m going to a bible study and I need to do the lesson questions beforehand. But I don’t wanna.

I know I’ll probably be blessed and all – but just getting up and moving? Using my brain? I don’t wanna. But I guess it works out good, I was previously in a manic state – now I’ll be able to concentrate.


Crap. Just realized I gotta put the boy to nap. Okey dokey. Time for my pathetic post to end