my son has been going through an interesting phase.

and by interesting I mean – horrific and I am so done with this stage.

He cries/whines over everything.

And hes got this new whine that makes me want to skin my own self, my God is it horrible.

So one day, while I was getting him ready to put him to bed – he was crying and whining and triggering the crazy….like crazy. He obviously didn’t want to go to bed and he thought crying hysterically while whining, would magically change our minds.

Shockingly it didn’t.

So I was near on point of screaming my head of because of his crying, when I put him down off the changing table and pointed him in daddy’s direction.

“Go. annoy your daddy”

Immediately, the kid stops crying – LAUGHS – and says: “Daddy teef?”

My husband laughs and I look at him and I’m like: “Uh, sorry kid. Only room for one crazy person in this house”