Had my surgery.

things are going okay-ish.

I guess. I don’t know. I hate not knowing. I mean it’s my freaking body, how could I not know ya know?


I hate being crazy sometimes.

Anyways, started up my public blog again. People are not commenting like they used to and it’s irritating. Trying to get over it…not getting over it as fast as I thought.

Been trying to open up about my crazy there, but I’m finding it harder. Like how can I open up and be me to people I know hard. I know, weird – but true. But I’m going to. just working up the courage.

Dang, am I making any sense?

Sorry…just been feeling a little funkalicious. It’s starting to hit me. I’m not gonna have anymore kids.

Not that I want anymore – just……ya know?

Nope. Not ready. Not gonna talk about it.

So, had a furry visitor – I think.

There was a cover thing pushed out from around a pipe under the sink in our half bath. I saw some weird junk in that bathroom like broken pieces of wall), but no other signs anywhere else in the house. My mom told me to put masking tape over it…hopefully that helps.

Now it’s got my paranoia all out of whack. Which of course totally helps things.


I just want my brain to be quiet for once.